Spirit of Morgantown

If someone had told me the night before the race that I would come in 2nd I would have considered that a great result. The way the race played out I felt this was the most disappointing races in my tri career. Because of top guys getting lost and falling I found myself in 3rd place with over 20 miles left on the bike. I was just 3-4 minutes down on the leader. I rode the two loop course very even. Even though there was a lot of climbing my VI was just 1.02. I averaged 277 and 279 watts for each of the two loops. I started the run 2:30 behind Daniel Bretscher and right with Chris Bagg. I never really felt that good on the run from the beginning but I was closing slowly. It was down to 2:00 after 2.5 miles and was down to 45 sec with 5 miles to go but I was unable to close anymore. I really had nothing in my legs. I guess that is what happens when you only run a handful of times in 10 weeks. I do take my hat of for Daniel he is strong runner and kept pushing not to let me close the gap. My achilles was very swollen and sore after the race so it looks like it is time to go to the Doc.

Overall the Spirit of Morgantown is a great race and I would highly recommend this to anyone. It is well run and is a great course. It is challenging yet not too hard. The only negative about the race is the swim is not in a very clean body of water. Other than that I can not say enough good things about this race. It is really ashame that everyone flocks to 70.3 races but independent races seem to have a tough time attracting racers. I have done a bunch of 70.3 races and this is just as good as the best 70.3 races! It is also much cheaper!

I was scheduled to be home at midnight on Sunday, but after many delays and circling around the Portland airport for 45 minutes we were diverted to Albany New York where we were put up in hotels for the night. After waiting in the airport all morning I did not make it home until Monday afternoon. It made for a very long weekend.

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